fresh cherries



Due to the fact that we grow the cherries in harness with the weather there are certain issues that are totally out of our control which could impact on the subsequent yield and does mean that the yield will vary from tree to tree.  As the yields will vary if you rent for longer than one year the potential good years and poorer years will balance out, as is nature’s way.

We had our worst year ever last year, but had our best year ever the year before. The 4 or 5 seasons prior have ranged from very good to average, and would have definitely delivered great value for your dollar.


It would be very unlikely for us to experience a year like last year again soon.


At this stage, the current crop is looking very good.


Crops can be affected by poor polination conditions, harsh weather while the fruitlets are developing (which causes some to drop, thus thinning out the crop). This can sometimes be a blessing as the remaining cherries will be larger.

Severe rain can cause some of the crop to split.


Split cherries can still be eaten, but they will not keep as long.  Either way you are welcome to pick the split ones along with the un-split cherries, and maybe even make jams or use the split ones for other recipes. From an orchadists perspective, split fruit is a disaster as they cannot be marketed.


In your case, you would simply use this portion of your crop for baking, or simply eath  these ones first as they just won't keep as long. In our opinion a split cherry freshly picked is far nicer than a cherry purchased in a store that might already be a week or so from the tree.


All in all, we cannot guarantee the crop yield but we are confident that your experience with your rental will be a positive one more often than not.