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Frequently Asked Questions


How much is it to rent a tree for a year?

$165.00  plus a $4.95 handling fee if paid by credit card or Paypal. All fees include GST

You do not have to pay a handling fee if paying by direct deposit or cheque.


How many cherries can I expect to pick from my tree?
The average yield per tree is around 10 to 18kg, but your tree may produce more than this or it may produce less. This is the fickle nature of farming no matter what the produce. If you rent a tree over time, your average yield should be at the higher end of this scale.


Do you have any trees left for rent this year?

Yes we have limited trees available for 5 varieties of cherry. These varieties are: Merchant, Van, Simone, Lapins and Sweet Georgia.


How will you contact me after I’ve paid for my tree via paypal?

Once I’ve received confirmation of your payment we will reply to you through your email address given on paypal confirming your payment. You will also receive your tree number and certificate to fill in with your details or the details of the person you’re renting the tree for.


Can I rent a tree as a gift?

Yes. Just rent a tree by clicking on ‘buy now’ and enter both your details and the recipients. We will then allocate you your tree and tree certificate which you will be able to fill in with the recipient’s name as you wish.


How will you contact the recipient if I’ve rented the tree as a gift?

You will be asked for the recipients contact details at the payment stage. We will then use this to keep in touch with the recipient via the newsletters and to let them know when the blossom walk and picking will be.


How do I know which tree I have rented?

Each individual tree and row has been allocated with a number that you will be given to let you know which tree is yours. This number will be on a small tag at the bottom of the tree and will be the number given to you to put on your tree certificate. We will also show you where your tree is in the orchard when you arrive to pick your cherries.


Can I send a cheque as I don’t have a paypal account and don’t wish to pay online?

Yes. Please email me requesting the relevant contact details.
Make cheques payable to: The Cherry Boys
And post to:
34 - 36 Hunter Road
VIC                  3139

Please include: The variety of tree you wish to rent, your name, your mobile number, your postal address, and your email account.


How often can I pick my fruit when it’s ready? & How long do I get to come and pick my cherries?

Once the cherries are ripe you will have between 7-10 days to pick your cherries before they are over ripe. This is because the cherries develop at different stages across the tree so not all of the cherries will be totally ripe at once. Therefore, if convenient, you can come and pick your cherries more than once to increase the amount of time you’ll have fresh cherries and to ensure that you get to enjoy all your cherries at optimum ripeness.


How many times a year are there cherries on ‘my’ tree?

Cherries are an annual crop and therefore your cherries will be ready to be picked from ‘your’ tree just once each year in December / January.


What happens if I don’t come to pick my cherries?

If your cherries are not picked during the 7-10 day picking window that is given we will pick them the day after this time period and sell them at market to ensure that they are not wasted. This means that you will have missed the chance to come and pick ‘your’ cherries so please pay careful attention to the dates that are given for picking.


Can I come to the orchard at anytime?

Unfortunately we cannot allow visits at anytime as this invalidates our public liability insurance due to the obvious dangers associated with farm machinery running and not being aware that people are in the orchard. Therefore visits are limited to blossom time and harvest time.


Can you pick and post the cherries if I live too far away to come to pick them?

No. Cherries really are just too delicate to be posted.


Do we need a ladder to pick ‘our’ tree?

No. All the trees are kept to a height that enables them to be picked from the ground.


How long will cherries keep for once they are picked?

You can keep freshly picked cherries (with their stalks still on) in the bottom of your fridge for at least two weeks if not longer, so long as there are no bad ones in amongst them.