How Does Renting a Cherry Tree Work?


Each year you rent a tree or trees on an annual basis. All the cherries on your rental tree are yours to keep. The flavour, texture and shine of freshly picked cherries is far superior to any cherries you may have tasted from the shop.


Currently, the rental cost per tree is $165 plus a $4.90 handling fee where the purchase is made using your credit card or paypal. You can avoid this $4.90 fee by sending us a cheque or by making a direct deposit to our account.(all fees inclusive of GST)

In all cases be sure to provide us with adequate information to identify who has made the transaction.which includes GST.

The information we require from you is:
Name, Postal Address, Mobile Phone Number, Variety of Cherry you wish to rent.


We will contact you at the end of your rental period to give you the option of renting your tree for the next 12 month period.


In the event that all our trees are rented out, we will create a waiting list. Those who have an existing tree however will have first rights to continue the rental for the next 12 month period.


We will maintain your tree throughout the 12 month period, using our extensive experience and know how to ensure your tree produces the best crop yield possible. If you are happy, then you are more likely to continue the relationship with us, so we will use every endevour possible for best results.


Throughout the year, you will receive, via email 6 newsletters updating you on what's going on, what we are doing and how the future crop is looking. These updates will be most frequent from around the blossom stage up to the picking stage.


This will also serve to remind you about your tree, and also make you aware of when it will be ready to pick. Once the cherries on your tree are ripe, you will have a 7 to 10 day window to pick your cherries.


From 2015 onwards, rental will also include a 'blossom tour'. It's hard for us to provide this tour in 2014 as the blossom is already on now as we speak. This tour also gives us the opportunity to describe life on the cherry orchard and also gives you the opportunity to see nature at work as the bees go about the pollination process. You will also experience the breathtaking view of the valley from the cherry orchard, and feel part of owning a small portion of our beautiful country side.


Your Picking Window


It is important that you understand that cherries are a perishable comodity, and you will need to make time to pick your tree in it's 7 to 10 day picking window.


When you rent a cherry tree, it is vitally important that you add our email address to your email contacts to ensure our emails do not go to junk mail.


In the even that you have failed to turn up to pick your tree, we will have no choice but to harvet the tree ourself and market the fruit.


Cherries are too delicate to put through the post and they will waste on the tree if they are left beyond the picking window, so it is important that you set time aside to pick your tree. We will ensure that you have adequate notice of when this picking window is opening up. We will do this by email a few weeks in advance.


Failing to pick your tree in this time will mean you are forfeiting your crop and we do not want to see this happen.


You will also be able to email us at any time about particular points of interest to you, how the crop is looking or any other relevant issue. We really would like this experience to be personal and enjoyable, and one that you really benefit from.


The average yield per tree is around 10 to 18kg. The actual yield could be more than this or it could be less. Nature can be fickle and it's a part of life on a cherry orchard, however if you rent a tree over time, you should average at least 15 to 18kg per tree.



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