Most people are not aware that there are many different varieties of cherry, each with their own charactaristic flavour, feel and look. Below are the three varieties available for hire along with their respective approximate picking period.
The varieties we have selected as ideal rental trees all crop well, produce large cherries with dark skin and flesh. Typically these varieties are the best flavoured and have quite reliable crop yields.

Varieties Available to Rent

bunches of cherries ready to pick




Typical ripening period: Mid December through to 25th December.
Characteristic: Mid to late season cherry which typically crops really well. Pleasant flavour, large dark fruit. Close relative to Lapins and as such share similar characteristics.




​Typical ripening period: 20th December through to around 5th January.

Characteristics: Large and dark with a lighter red flesh, firm and bright in appearance. Very good split resistance, crop later in the season. Very similar to Simone variety, and like Simone Lapins generally crop really well.



Sweet Georgia

Typical ripening period: 25th December through to mid January.

Characteristics: Large dark cherry, fairly firm and very pleasant flavour. Generally crops quite well.